The Best Nine Factors To Rent An Apartment Rather Than Buy Rental Property

Are you deciding whether to search for a rental property or purchase a new home? For an individual, It is very difficult to choose between paying rent or buying a house. Owning a home of one’s own is a desire for several Indians…whether they face financial ups and downs. They want to use their earnings to buy real estate, which is one of the best tactics to begin amassing wealth and generating steady additional income.

Although, that might not be the most appropriate course of action for everyone. It’s not necessary for you to own a home, a townhouse, or a flat just because you may believe that you should. Take a minute to think about the factors you suppose you should purchase a property. Does that imply that you have succeeded? That isn’t always the reality.

Some advantages of rental property over purchasing a home

Alter the subject, Here are Some advantages of renting a property over purchasing a home ..which may help you take advantage of several rental benefits to increase your income when you take help from BROWKU (Rental Property Management Co.)

1) Zero ongoing maintenance fees

One benefit of rental property is the lack of maintenance costs. This shows that your landlord is entirely accountable for the residence you are renting (like home maintenance & repairs, renovation costs, Society Maintenance Charges, etc ). If you are renting an apartment, you do not need to be concerned with these expenditure categories. Both the mental freedom and the peace of mind that renting offers are priceless. This indicates that your landlord bears complete responsibility for the property you are renting (like home maintenance & repairs, renovation costs, Society Maintenance Charges, etc ). You do not need to be concerned with these expense headings if you are taking an apartment on rent. The mental freedom that comes with renting is precious, as is the peace of mind it brings.

2) Accessing amenities

Because of several special characteristics, apartment living may now prove to be a very comfortable living situation (like a pool, garden, gyms, theatre & several facilities, etc.). These extras come at no additional cost to renters and are appreciated in many luxury to midscale apartment buildings. These luxuries would probably cost a homeowner thousands of dollars to install and maintain if they chose to use them. These costs are included in their homeowner’s association dues, which are paid either monthly or occasionally annually.

3) Security

Apartments on rent also make investments in the general safety of its tenants, even though homeowners frequently purchase some sort of home security system. Multi-unit residences are the safest places for single women, children, families, and the elderly because of the proximity of neighbors (as opposed to always being the only ones inside a house).

4) No Taxes

One of the main advantages for one who takes house a on rent is that renters are exempt from paying property taxes. Property taxes can be expensive in certain places, costing thousands of dollars annually. Property taxes may be a big financial burden for homeowners when new projects grow in size.

5) No down payment

You must put down a sizable sum of money when buying a house with a mortgage—roughly 20% to 25% of the property’s worth. However, security deposits for rentals are typically equal to one month’s worth of rent. if they haven’t harmed the rental property, they should get their money back when they leave.

6) More Mobility In respect to Living

Homeowners are limited to the places where they can afford to buy, but renters can live in almost any place For most house purchasers, living in an expensive city like Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. may be out of reach, but it is totally achievable for renters to live in an apartment on rent easily. Rental property applicants are more likely to find an affordable monthly payment than house buyers, even if rents might be expensive in locations where home values are likewise expensive.

7) Worried About Property Value Declines

Everyone is aware that fluctuating property values have a significant impact on homeowners. The amount of property taxes and mortgage payment you make depend on the value of your home.

8) Budget Flexibility

You can change how much rent you pay while still living in rental property. You can move to a home wh cheaper rent if you think your current one is too pricey. By doing this, you may manage your spending according to your financial situation at the time. For instance, they moved to an apartment on rent of Rs 10,000 rather than Rs 20,000 after my uncle lost his job. If you own a home with a mortgage, you are lacking in this flexibility. Unless you prepay the home loan, the EMI is set. Any financial ambiguity or unplanned events have the potential to ruin your life.

9)  Property value increase

By renting out your rental property, you may keep it now in case it increases in value and allow yourself to sell it later. Every market will experience appreciation at a different rate. Look at the possibility for appreciation in various cities and communities to determine what you might be able to anticipate.


You can see that an apartment on rent  has a lot of advantages. It might be helpful for both you personally and economically to own rental property. Any real estate investment carries risks, of course. There are strategies to reduce these risks, particularly the ones related to renting to problematic renters.

The greatest thing you can do to safeguard yourself and your home are to put in place detailed renter background checks. You can get a complete picture of the person, their capacity to pay, and if renting to them is a dangerous choice by running a renter background check together with a landlord background check, criminal background check, and eviction history. And when evaluating a rental applicant’s background, you ought to have a strong notion of what information should worry you and what counts as a deal-breaker.

You can choose an excellent renter with the support of BROWKU. You can rely on BROWKU to offer you with a speedy and accurate renter screening service by combining its strong data and analytics. You receive all the data you require, including a lease suggestion specific to your property, to make better screening decisions in less time.

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