What is rental Guarantee ?

Guaranteed Rent also known as Fix Rent  is where a company takes an interest in a property for a period of time from a landlord and guarantees to pay a fixed rent to the landlord. The landlord Signs the invoice and giving consent to opt for the service.

What is Free Maintenance ?

We aim to make renting your property a hassle-free process. From the minute you sign up to our Property Management services, we will take full responsibility of your property’s utility bills and maintenance (Cleaning, electrical work etc.). Exclude Painting and Plumbing

What is Property Management ?

 Browku Property Management Services  provide customers, and this includes : find the tenant if you want to let out and Tenant background verification and rental agreement, Rent collection and Bill payment, Quarterly property inspection with pictures, Free  Maintenance.

What Is tenant Verification

 Our partners help you with tenant discovery for you as per your preference and further a complete Tenant management including but not limited to tenant background check, rent collection, move-in, move-out facilitation, etc.


Browku is a powerful booking platform that lets you run a residential rental business online with no hassle.


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